Tools for the trade

Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. There wasn’t much excitment over here, except realizing I am within a month-ish of my husband coming home from deployment…insert applause and sigh of relief here…With a lack of excitement this past weekend, I had plently of time to think of the little blog. Brainstorming new and exciting posts usually makes an appearence in my thoughts at least once a day. I realized I haven’t even provided the tools you’ll actually need to make the whole homemade baby food process easier.

You may be surprised to see that most of these tools are most likely already in your kitchen. You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on new, shiny equipment. It’s also not entirely necessary to buy a baby food processor, either. However, those are quite handy. Though they lack a lot of space which means if you want to do big batches of food, you’ll be working at it for a while….

-Blender/food processor

-Steamer Basket, (most baby food processors come with a steamer basket. Which makes the process very convenient.

-Ice cube trays or storage containers for freezing

-Freezer bags- to store frozen, cubed, portions of food.

-Permanent marker-to label all food types and date food was made & frozen

There you have it!! Easy, right?!

I feel like once you realize you really don’t need a ton of fancy and expensive tools, it makes the process much less intimidating.

Keep on truckin’, friends! I bet your baby is LOVING the tasty food you’re serving.

Until next time..


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