Please do not “pass the salt”

Hi friends! How’s the tasty baby food coming along? I have been wracking my brain for days on what to write about next. All of the sudden, it came too me while I was at the home of a good friend of mine. My wonderful friend makes her sons baby food (insert applause here). She had a baby food cook book set up on her counter, and as I looked at one of the recipes in the book I noticed it had stated to “add salt..” GASP! NO, NO, NO! So, I asked my friend if I could make a small recommendation.

Friend: “Sure, what have ya got?”

Me: “This says to add salt, and I can please say, don’t add the salt?”

Friend: “I thought that was weird too! There are a few others that say the same thing, and a fruit one that says to add sugar. But I don’t, he doesn’t need it. Is garlic ok to use?”

Me: “Absolutely.”

She’s a smart momma, and I was so glad to hear she disagreed with the “add salt” request.

Here’s the thing, not only is most food nowadays bogged down with salt and other disturbing additives. But our taste buds are so wonky from so much salt added to food that we think it tastes great. If we would just realize how good food tasted without the salt and with natural herbs and spices, we would be healthier beings and there would be no question on whether to add salt or not to our childs food.  Not only is adding salt to food not necessary, it can also be dangerous! No, I’m not kidding..

When you have made the decision to make homemade baby food, one of those reasons may be so you can control what goes in the food; minus all the additives. So why add salt!? Your child has a clean palate, they shouldn’t even know what salt tastes like, they won’t know they difference. Keeping high amounts of sodium out of your babies diet is important. Added salt to baby food may lead to health issues, including high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Try adding those flavorful herbs and spices I mentioned in my previous post, here.

Making homemade baby food is fun, and is definitely an accomplishment. It’s also a lot of work, and important to do your research on each “stage” your child is in, and what ages you can start to introduce new foods to your child. Stick with the wholesome, tasty natural foods, herbs, and spices. Not wanting scary additives in your childs food was one of the reasons your decided to make it in the first place, right?

Keep plugging along. I’m sure your baby is loving what you’re making! It’s fun to see the look on their face when they discover a new taste and texture!

Until next time, friends.



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