The Intimidation Factor

When I asked to make food for the baby I was nannying, the first thought I had was, ‘yikes, you’re seriously going to let me MAKE food for this sweet little 5 month old?” Oh, hey, intimidation! Nice to meet you.  Little did I know at the time how easy it actually was.  You want to know the best part? When you first start making your baby’s food, they require a very simple, bland diet. Think of banana, avocado, and sweet potatoes. We all know it’s not hard to mash a banana or avocado. Give it try!

Homemade baby food doesn’t need to be intimidating-or even hard too make. I know, easier said than done, right? It’s a great first step on helping your baby develop a taste for wholesome, fresh foods.  It’s also a good way to do your part in supporting the environment.  No wasted glass jars and no gas is used to ship products hundreds of miles. I promise, even though it can seem like a huge process, and perhaps easier to just buy the jarred stuff (yuck), you will feel so fulfilled and inspired after making that first batch, you will be excited to make even more, and eventually broaden your little sprouts diet.  Plus, you can get about a dozen meals from a couple of sweet potatoes, and pay the same amount for 2 jars of food. Fresh food, and money saving..Double bonus!  

Even though making your baby’s food can seem stressful, the benefits are overwhelming. It’s easy to fall back on the convenience of jarred food, but once you get comfortable with making the food yourself, it’ll seem like a walk in the park. And, you’ll have fun with it.

Say good-bye to that intimidation, and HELLO to fresh produce!




5 responses

  1. Chels! This is a great introduction. I don’t have “sprouts” yet, but will definitely be taking notes from your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I made baby food for my kids for a while, too. It’s very easy to do and easy to freeze into portions using an ice cube tray if you make a bunch ahead of time!

  3. I made baby food with my little food grinder for Laurel and CJ – froze some and did some right at the table with the food Bruce and I were eating. Very nice blog, Chelsea!

  4. Hey, Chelsea! I’m so happy to see you spreading the good word about ‘making’ baby food! I bought a book called ‘Super Baby Food’ when I had Ethan 6 yrs ago, and LOVE IT! It, and your blog will get much use with baby # 3. 😉 One sweet potato goes a long way in an ice cube tray. Keep up the good work!

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