Hi all, I have finally done it. For months I have been trying to figure out the right angle to get my thoughts, words, opinions and research about baby food out into the world. On my blog you will eventually find recipes, articles, how-to’s, and encouragement on making homemade baby food and why it’s an important part of your childs life.  If you ever have any questions or you’re feeling a little  intimidated about starting the baby food making process, I’m here to help and answer questions! I’m excited to start this new blogging adventure and learn new things from you too! See you around!


*Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, pediatrician, or dietition. Please refer to your doctor if you have any health concerns regarding your child and their diet.


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    • Thanks, Sus!! I’m very excited about it. To follow my blog; If you click on the “about” section, underneath the entry it should say “Share this” and “Like this”. If you click “like” then a link should pop up that says “Follow this blog”. If that doesn’t work, let me know. I am still trying to navigate and learn this whole blog thing as well. Hope this helps! Miss you so much!

    • Awesome! I’m sorry, I’m still figuring this blogging world out! I’m adding a “follow” button so it’s more easily done and you shouldn’t have to create an account!

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